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For a humane life

I have been living both in Germany and in the Netherlands. What I see is a huge difference in both infrastructure and social security systems. Disabled people colleciting bottles from the street to earn their living because the standard "Harz IV" is not enough for basic needs. Actually I see this as a hidden social security system: when you are lucky you can make quite some money and it keeps you active. Other people are streetmusicians who earnt their money in this way. I always donate and if possible buy their CD.

My idea about an NGO is to help those homeless people by providing a shelter at night, nutritive food and education so when they finished a program (under construction) they can have a decent life again, free of addiction and not having to depend on collecting bottles on the street.

I find it a disgrace for Germany, the strongest economy of Europe, that people live this way. Furthermore the autobahn is half under construction and in not only in the Ruhrgebiet area the highways are in erbärmliche umstände. Infrastructure is another challenge. Streets without balkonies or strees, no green, nothing. The noice of the cars that pass by with 50km an hour are acchoing through the mornging air.

Germany has the highest tax pressure, where does this money go? Still World War II reparations for Isreal. The current generation can't help what 100 years ago or lets say almost 80 years ago happened.

I think this should stop and Germany should stop paying for somehting they don't have to do yet anymore. Enough is enough Frau Merkel. The Isrealis have enough money themselves, they are smart people, good in diamant trading in Antwerpen etc.

They forget about their own people and I spoke to more than enough.


The world war reparations schould, germany takes already a lot of refugees which creates perverterd political parties like the FD. Lets stop this  and lets make Germany great again.

We will all benefit.


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